Dan Magone

Dan Magone  Dan Magone received a commercial diving certificate from Commercial Diving Center in 1971 for SCUBA, surface air, and mixed gas. He has maintained an Explosives Handler license for the State of Alaska since 1990. Dan has passed underwater welding x-ray inspections to an AWS class “A” rating. Besides ship repair and marine construction work, Dan personally directed the successful salvage or wreck removal of 79 vessels 58′ or greater in length during his career.

He has received two “Public Service Commendations,” one for the Kuroshima and one for the Hekifu responses, signed by T. M. Cross, Rear Admiral USCG Commander, 17th Coast Guard District.

Dan is a longstanding member of Unalaska Christian Fellowship, a supporter of the Unalaska Native Fisherman Association, and has been a regular participant in the annual Unalaska City School Career Day. With a passion to encourage, teach, and train young people to successfully tackle the work and dreams of their day. Over the years, Dan has been known as a guy the fisherman, the City, or any local can call when they need help quickly. 

Dan enjoys the sea, boating, freediving, subsistence hunting, and gathering, and he loves to design and create for his clients and family. Always the storyteller, Dan finds new expression in writing as he spends more time with his wife Sue, family, and adventures with his grandchildren Carter and Sophia.

With his wife Sue, Dan also owns and operates two businesses in Alaska’s Aleutians

For technical marine repair and consulting:

Bering Coast Services, LLC

107 Lower Haystack Drive

PO Box 19

Unalaska Ak, 99685


For long term housing in Unalaska:

Aleutian Lodging Inc.

3100 N Burlwood Lane

Wasilla AK, 99654

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