Port of Refuge

Port of RefugeUdaagamax (the Unangan name for Unalaska Bay). This book briefly chronicles the life of Dan Magone up to 1978, when he first arrived in Dutch Harbor. Then a sampling of stories from the next forty years as he develops his character and his company, Magone Marine Service Inc., while they conduct diving and salvage operations in the Bering Sea. Written as an episodic memoir to warn, enlighten and encourage upcoming generations. These stories fit their place in the maritime history of Alaska while focusing on the value of hard work, skill, courage, and the determination it takes to succeed. In addition, Port of Refuge touches on raising a family and running a business in remote Alaska while acknowledging the grace and redemption that sees them through risk, danger, and isolation.


What others are saying about Port of Refuge

In the growing number of books about the Aleutian Islands, Port of Refuge is like no other. It is simultaneously riveting and expansive. The picture it paints of this vast and turbulent part of Alaska is authentic and deeply moving. Dan Magone has written a book that is timely and entertaining. It will be indispensable to future generations.

Ray Hudson

Ray Hudson is the Author of Moments Rightly Placed. He is also the author and editor of a number of books on the people and history of the Aleutian Islands. A retired school teacher, he is a woodblock artist and poet, who now lives in Vermont.